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54 Volume Set

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Category Christian Living , Collected Works/Sets
Series Puritan Paperbacks
Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings

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‘I cannot exaggerate the blessing that Banner of Truth has been to my life and the lives of my colleagues. Young people often ask me to share with them the books which have most shaped my theology and fanned into flame my zeal. The answer is always the same – Banner books and the Puritans. It is with the greatest urgency that I encourage every young Christian to read the Puritans, and the very best place to start is the Puritan Paperback Series from Banner of Truth.’– PAUL WASHER

‘I started reading the Puritan Paperbacks when I was in college. I’ve read around a dozen of them by now and have always found them edifying, convicting, and deeply spiritual. There are several—like Richard Baxter’s The Reformed Pastor and Thomas Brooks’ Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices —that I come back to often. You won’t find better physicians of the soul than the Puritans.’– KEVIN DEYOUNG

‘When I was fifteen years old, I read my Dad’s entire shelf of Banner of Truth between 9:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. each evening as I sought for peace for my own soul. By God’s grace, the Puritan paperbacks granted me this peace in Christ in a large measure. I was so moved by the Banner paperbacks, that I started my first book company (Bible Truth Books) at the age of sixteen, as I wanted everyone to experience what I had experienced. I have been selling Puritan books ever since—nearly for fifty years now. I know of no set of books that can do people’s souls so much good as the Banner .’– JOEL BEEKE

‘The Puritans’ writings have shaped and influenced my life in Christ and ministry in incalculable ways; these godly men knew Christ, His Word, and how to effectively minister to God’s people. The is a great introduction to these men and their teaching. I find myself turning to them time and again in private devotion, discipleship, and deep study. An hour spent reading these works is an hour well-spent.’– JASON HELOPOULOS

‘Everybody wants to read the Puritans, but most people don’t know where to start. That’s simple! Start with the . Of course that only narrows it down to 48 volumes, so let me offer 3 top recommendations: , , and. They may just change your life.’– TIM CHALLIES

‘Sibbes’ , Goodwin’s , Owen’s , and Flavel’s , are some just a few of the classics that are in this excellent . There is something for everyone in this series. My own Christian faith and learning would be seriously impoverished if I had not read some of these classic Puritan works.’– MARK JONES

‘The Puritans remain a goldmine of practical Christian wisdom but they do suffer in today’s marketplace for often being verbose and long-winded. The series offers some of the best Puritan writing in pocket sized volumes in a way that makes them attractively accessible. As Christians, we really do need to draw on the insights of the great leaders and thinkers of the Christian past and this series is one of the best ways for the hard-pressed and over-scheduled college student or twenty-something to do that. Inexpensive and easy to read, the are real bargains , practical, theological, doxological.’– CARL TRUEMAN

This is the complete set of the Puritan Paperback series. A great gift for the willing reader, this set contains some of the greatest writings of the Puritans that have been read and enjoyed by Christians for centuries.

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Since 4.1.0

Whether to allow data labels to overlap. To make the labels less sensitive for overlapping, the dataLabels.padding can be set to 0.

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Since 2.2.1

The background color or gradient for the data label.

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The border color for the data label. Defaults to undefined .

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The border radius in pixels for the data label.

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The border width in pixels for the data label.

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crop : Boolean

Since 2.3.3

Whether to hide data labels that are outside the plot area. By default, the data label is moved inside the plot area according to the overflow option.

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Since 4.0

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Since 6.0.3

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